• My Vet Box

    Your pet's flea and tick meds - Delivered to your door.

Introducing My Vet Box

"Never felt less itchy in my life"

- Rover, 6 year old Viszla

"Finally, my human truly serves me"

- Queen Elizabeth, 4 year old Siamese

"The toys are awesome, but my pawrents can do no wrong anyway"

- Duke, 10 year old Labrador

We all want the best for our pets

But we also live busy lives. How easy is it to forget to call, reorder, pick up and administer your pet's flea and tick medication every three months? Easyyyyyyyy!

We've all done it, so don't feel guilty. In fact, it's why we created My Vet Box. 

So, what is it?

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My Vet Box Dog

My Vet Box

Order now and become the coolest pet parent on the block. It even makes a great gift!


For new and existing clients.

If you are not a current client of Animal Hospital of Cambridge or Fifth Avenue Veterinary Clinic, please book a telemedicine appointment with us by visiting ahoctelemedicine.ca.

Note - pets must be six months or older to be eligible for My Vet Box.