Why should I dose every 2-3 months?

Did you know that fleas and ticks are active in weather above 4°C? Most pet parents are unaware of this looming year-round threat - we know to be cautious every spring, but every unusually warm winter day is actually just as dangerous!

Fortunately, My Vet Box has you covered with auto-shipment every 3 months (or 2 months for Vitrecto). Year round coverage ensures your pet - and you! - is never at risk for pesky flea and tick infestations. One dose of Bravecto (contained in each My Vet Box) provides nose to toes protection for a full 12 weeks. The three tick species found in Ontario, including the species responsible for Lyme disease, are killed quickly, and flea infestations are eliminated and prevented. 

One dose of Vitrecto (the equivalent product for cats - contained in the My Vet Box - Cats - Vitrecto) provides feline protection from fleas, ticks and heartworm for 8 weeks, and treats infections with roundworm and hookworm. 

Four doses per year means no gaps in protection. Protect your pets through the convenient auto-ship solution offered through My Vet Box, and take comfort knowing your flea and tick risk has been eliminated.